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We help you assess risks and capture growth in a fast-changing market towards decarbonization


Our management team consists of experienced individuals from leading energy consulting firms combined with industry professionals—build-on experience from key players in the renewable energy sector. Adding our team of data and analytical experts makes us a preferred partner for providing advice to aid strategic and operational decision-making.

Carsten Brinck

Managing Partner

Carsten Brinck is a highly accomplished consultant with over 25 years of experience in the renewable energy industry. At Brinckmann, he provides strategic advice to clients on project development, management, operations, M&A, and due diligence. Carsten has completed renewable energy projects in over 30 countries worldwide and is passionate about helping clients achieve their renewable energy goals.

Lars Hedemann

Partner and Senior Advisor

Lars Hedemann is a commercial energy infrastructure specialist with more than 10 years of experience and deep industry insights in the Wind and power-to-X sector. He has built up his experience by working with and advising a wide range of companies, such as Asset Owners, Developers, Institutional Investors, PE Funds, and Supply Chain Players.

Deepak Chinnapa


Deepak is a Director at Brinckmann and heads the organization’s consulting practice. He has spent more than 10 years in the renewable energy sector, within research and consulting. Deepak brings strong industry know-how and advises companies across the renewable energy value chain. He leverages great business expertise in the wind energy sector, among other renewable technologies, and advises companies on strategic initiatives.

Shashi Barla

Director and Head of Research

Shashi has over 13 years of experience in the global wind energy industry with strong expertise and knowledge spanning the value chain spectrum. In addition, he brings knowledge, experience and expertise from working within the industry and as an external consultant. He is a well-recognised wind industry thought leader, a renowned speaker, panellist and chairman at leading wind conferences globally. He is often quoted by leading media outlets like Financial Times, New York Times, Economic Times, China South Daily, Bloomberg, Recharge and Wind Power Monthly, among many others.



Professionalism relates to the quality of our work, where our clients’ needs are essential to us.

It comes with responsibility of being an advisor. Hence, we spend time setting expectations to ensure we can deliver on our promises or exceed expectations.

Professionalism also means mutual respect where we meet clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders in the same way. We ensure a respectful and meaningful workplace characterised by an open, constructive, honest dialogue at all levels.


Integrity is an obligation, and clients can rely on us.

Being responsive and agile in our approach, we pay to our strengths and do not overpromise.

We produce our own data, and our work is based on facts.

Integrity is the foundation on which we build relationships and trust and where anyone is treated with dignity and respect.


Our focus is to deliver the highest quality – not only to our clients but also to each other. We are subject-matter experts within our field, which is what we are engaged for.

We dedicate ourselves to superior and long-term client relationships where we deliver outstanding value by always being driven by our clients’ needs and prepared to make the necessary decisions.


By supporting and challenging each other, we create the best outcome together.

Co-creation enables enhanced deliverables and innovative solutions to the benefit of our clients and our own learning curve.

Co-creation increases strength and development individually and as a team.